Planning A Winter Vacation?

This year the big present for the family is going to be a winter vacation.  It’s not something that you’ve ever contemplated before because you realize – oh how well you realize -  how tricky it can be navigating an airport with a child on the autism spectrum.  But life is short!

Now I’m not really the one to offer advice.  My daughter loved to travel.  In fact, if she could travel without her parents, life would have been perfect.   But I’ve been reading a lot about the stresses that parents who have children and teens with developmental and autistic challenges faces when air trips are in the future.  And I’ve heard many of the horror shows from the “horse’s mouth”.

So have airlines and airports.  They are starting to sensitize their staff to the needs to individuals and families.  Some airlines are offering mock orientation flights to get individuals comfortable with the routines of flying.

Some of the best ones are in the UK and the USA.  Unfortunately, for us in Ottawa, who often have to transfer from one airline to another, and from one airport to another, it can be tricky at best.  Here is the best Canadian advice I could find but is a shadow of what is offered in the UK and USA.  So my advice to you is to do your homework.  Check out the UK and USA sites and take what is appropriate for Canadian usage.  Maybe some day we will catch up.  I sure hope so.

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