[D-is-ABLE] Diploma in Intellectual Disability Studies

St Francis Xavier University launches new program: http://sites.stfx.ca/continuingeducation/inds

"The Diploma in Intellectual Disability Studies is a series of five distance-education courses for professional and personal development. Courses are theory and values based, designed to build on the experience of the participants; they are not “how-to” or skills based courses. Each of us contributes to living as community and this program explores how individual gifts can be nurtured and celebrated.

The intent of the program is to build on the current knowledge and skills participants have regarding community living and human care. It provides an opportunity for deeper understanding and commitment to practice, enriching not only the participant's life, but also the life of persons for whom she or he cares and their family and friends.

Current participants include parents and siblings of children or adults who have an intellectual disability, L’Arche assistants, group home leaders and workers, residential care facility coordinators, employment counselors, residential counselors, teaching assistants, and CACL staff."

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