FMC February Newsletter


Have you met Cam yet?  We at FMC are pretty partial to Cam.  He’s our Socialhood buddy.  We hope that he will be yours, too.  Cam is there to guide you to tips and advice in the online world.   He’ll be around to give you cyber safety advice soon.  And as we develop version 1 of Socialhood, Cam will be by your side to show you how to take advantage of what it can offer.

Now I know we’ve been talking about Socialhood for quite some time.  Money has been an issue.  But thanks to a grant from the McKay Cross Foundation, we’re able to move ahead.  We’ll be in development this spring and we’ll be testing with some users over the summer.  And Cam will be keeping you posted every step of the way.


Neighbourhood Series: Hiring a Support Worker


It has been a brutally cold winter, hasn’t it?  There hasn’t been much appetite for venturing outdoors.  Certainly not much interest in evening workshops.  But now that the days are longer and brighter – and a little warmer – let’s get back on track.

So first up is a workshop on finding and keeping a great support worker.  Mark the night of Thursday, March 26th on your calendar for that. 

You can go to our website to register.

We’ll be following that up later in April with a meet and greet so that you can meet some potential workers who are looking for clients.


Beyond Graduation


Speaking of workshops… If you’re one of those parents who has a teen ready to leave high school in the next couple of years, you’ll want to sign up for Beyond Graduation.  This all day workshop is jointly sponsored by the Lifetime Networks program of Citizen Advocacy and FMC.  It will give you the tools you need to plan a fulfilling future for your soon-to-be graduating high schooler.  Every parent who has participated is extremely glad s/he has done so. 

Call Citizen Advocacy at 613-761-9522 to register for the next one on April 11.

Ontario Developmental Services Housing Task Force



I know many people are waiting anxiously for the Housing Task Force Proposal Call.  Apparently the legal language has taken quite some time to be developed and signed off on.  It is coming very soon.  Fingers crossed!                                                                              

And speaking of the Housing Task Force, if you haven’t had a chance to check out their Facebook page, do give it a try.  You don’t have to have your own account to log on.

 It’s at

Lots of great reading material there.



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