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This guide was compiled by Graeme Treeby of The “Special Needs” Planning Group. It is intended for free distribution to organizations serving the Special Needs Community, clients and friends of The “Special Needs” Planning Group ( ) and anyone else who may be interested. It is not to be taken as Accounting or Tax advice but rather, as a resource to provide a starting point for your journey through the maze that is Income Tax Preparation and Planning for people with a disability and their families. Graeme Treeby can be reached at 905 640-8285 or .


What’s New for 2015?


See the attachment for more information and the registration for REACH's upcoming educational seminar on Wills, Estate Planning and Capacity Assesments. 

This year’s 2016 CDSS conference is being held in Montreal May 27-29th, 2016, and we anticipate that many of our members will wish to attend.

For this reason, the DSA-NCR will subsidize (but not fully cover) registration fees, as follows:

Association members in good standing : $100 reimbursement towards cost of conference registration fees/per membership.
Self-advocates, members who are 18 years of age or older and have Down syndrome : full reimbursement for their conference registration fee.

(Note: travel and banquet fees will NOT be reimbursed by the Association)

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Doing taxes is a chore. For individuals with a disability or caring for a family member with a disability, taxes can be even more daunting. However, many of the benefits available for disabled persons and their caregivers are delivered through the tax system. To help you navigate the array of benefits, I have prepared a summary of the measures that are targeted at people with a disability and the loving people who care for them each day.

You may wish to consult Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)’s 2014 Medical and Disability-Related Information guide at:

Just three months ago their world was collapsing into tears and hopelessness.

Today is different.

The smiles have returned and the comfort born of familiarity and security are palpable at the austere, cavernous building at the Tunney’s Pasture federal government complex in Ottawa.

“We got the work back,” says Gladys Whincup triumphantly. “We’re busy and not just sitting around doing nothing. It feels great.”


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14,000 people getting new direct funding 

2014 waitlist for Special Services at Home eliminated says Minister in progress report. 

More than 14,000 individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities now have new direct funding from Ontario’s Special Services at Home (SSAH) and Passport programs. 

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