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The Developmental Services Housing Task Force is carrying out a study to learn about innovative approaches being used across the province to build, buy, acquire, rent, etc. homes for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Ontario is taking steps to improve the process for young people with developmental disabilities and their families applying for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

Until now, young people with developmental disabilities seeking ministry-funded adult developmental services and supports, as well as income support from ODSP, were required to have their developmental disability assessed twice.

Attached is the 2016 Ombudsman Report.

Investigation into the Ministry of Community and Social Services’

response to situations of crisis involving adults with developmental disabilities.

For full story, please download the attachment.

For full story, please download the attachment. 

St Francis Xavier University launches new program:

"The Diploma in Intellectual Disability Studies is a series of five distance-education courses for professional and personal development. Courses are theory and values based, designed to build on the experience of the participants; they are not “how-to” or skills based courses. Each of us contributes to living as community and this program explores how individual gifts can be nurtured and celebrated.

Are you looking to connect to other families about the various issues, concerns, problem solving, joys of having a child (of any age) with a developmental disability? Go to facebook and search Family Link Toronto, it is a safe place for people to go and find out what others are doing or have done, things that work or don't work for their child, good camps. We are looking to connect with groups all over Ontario, and make this a provincial family group, as we all are under the MCSS/MCYS ministries which is a provincial government body. 

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation needs your help!

We want you to help shape the future of housing in Canada. 

The Government of Canada believes that all Canadians deserve access to housing that meets their needs and that they can afford. 

We are working with many partners, including provinces and territories who play an important role in housing, to develop a new National Housing Strategy which will achieve good housing outcomes for Canadians. Since every situation is unique, the National Housing Strategy will meet the needs of all Canadians and must improve the lives of those in greatest need. 

Please join the conversation! We want to hear bold and innovative ideas from all Canadians. 

The Ministry of Community and Social Services is holding a series of focus groups with families around the province and are looking for families to participate.

Registration deadline is July 3rd and the focus groups will be held during July (schedule to be posted).

Below is a link to the notice:

And to the Service Coordination website where the notice of their AGM and this upcoming MCSS focus group is mentioned

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