Turning Housing on its Head

I don’t know if you’re a CBC Radio listener.  I am.  (Small surprise, since I worked there for over ¼ century).  Anyway, I was listening to The Sunday Edition and waiting for a documentary called “Radical Rest Homes”.  It let us listen to the discussion among older women who are working to figure out another way to live in their senior years – another kind of housing, another kind of living arrangement.  If you haven’t had a chance to hear the documentary, here’s the link 


But here’s the real message that I came away with.  The discussion that these women were having is the identical discussion that we’re finally starting to have openly about diverse, inclusive and supportive housing for adults with developmental disabilities.  It’s not about quantity of housing.  It’s about quality of housing.
Listen to the documentary and then come out to listen to Ron Pruessen, the chairman of the MCSS Housing Task Force on November 13 from 7 PM – 9 PM.  Check out the FMC website for details.  Ron will explain how we can all get involved in a real housing movement.

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