I was at an information fair for parents of teens with developmental and intellectual disabilities last week.  The room was absolutely packed.  Every parent there came equipped with questions and wasn’t leaving without answers – or, at least, the next stop on the way to an answer.

Now every parent of a teen – whether typical or atypical – has lots of questions and lots of worries about the future.  But the parents that I met last week have a lot more hoops to jump through to see their adolescents safely through to adulthood and beyond.

I keep asking myself if the System itself is so complicated or if we’re doing a really lousy job of explaining how to get through the maze.  It’s probably some of both.

So now I’m asking you because you’re the real experts.  You’re living the experience.  If you have tried to figure out what questions to ask and couldn’t, let me know.  If you have tried to figure out whom to address to questions to and didn’t, let me know.  If you have made your way successfully through the System and got the services that you were looking for, let me know that, too.

We need to help you navigate this transition for your teens – and yourself – as painlessly as possible.  Families Matter Co-op wants to help.  Email me at

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