Strangers into Friends

Some weeks you’re just not in the mood – for blogging, that is.  Maybe it’s the piling on of chores or the lack of sleep or the sheer lack of inspiration.  Whatever it was, it sure hit me.  I couldn’t write a blog for love or money.  Of course, it didn’t help that we had to move our office and that there was a dead squirrel that surfaced from the melted snow bank on my front “lawn”.  Or that my snow tires – MY SNOW TIRES, at this time of year! – were too bald to go another kilometer and snow was in the forecast yet again.  You get the picture.  Forget about blogging.

But this past weekend renewed my faith.  Picture this.  Sixty plus family members – all of them parents or siblings of a youth or young adult with a developmental or intellectual disability – and all of them there for two days to share, to learn about person-directed-planning and how this kind of facilitation will make a huge difference in the life of their loved one.  But it wasn’t just that.  Strangers turned into friends.  Acquaintances turned into immediate “besties”.  And everyone had someone to lean on and someone to learn from.  It was a truly awesome experience.

Heck.  If I hadn’t already cut my teeth in the era of 60’s love, I would have thought I was back there again.  But it just goes to prove that we are so much stronger together.  It was a wonderful Caregiver Retreat.  If there is another one – and you live in Eastern Ontario – please take advantage of the opportunity.

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