Spring Into Action

Maybe it’s because spring is just around the corner.  But I am feeling optimistic.  Every time I read about another institution that is starting to get it, I feel a little cheered.  This week it was some of our friends south of the border.  Nope, it wasn’t because they were into a serious “like” of Justin Trudeau.

It’s because Pennsylvania judges are taking courses to learn how to work with defendants on the spectrum.  I know that a lot of first responders locally have been really working on how to relate to individuals on the spectrum.  And that’s happening in other jurisdictions as well.  And that’s great and so important.  But I was so pleased to read about this initiative.

Here’s why – straight from the judge’s mouth.  Keep in mind, we’re talking about the American judicial system here but we’ve all watched our share of Law and Order.  This judge has a 10 year old with autism so he knows where of he speaks.  “If you read him his Miranda rights and asked him if he understood those rights, he would say yes.  But if you asked him what it means, he couldn’t tell you.”

This concern about communication with individuals with autism, including their behavior has led to training sessions for Pennsylvania judges so that they’re prepared for the situations they may encounter – things like no eye contact, disruptive behavior, fidgetiness, etc.

I know these courses are happening in lots of places.  Let’s publicize the good stuff more.  It’s spring, after all.

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