If you’ve been watching TV long enough, you know this isn’t the first time that it’s happened.  A theme catches hold and suddenly several shows on several channels see the charm – and the eyeballs – in the theme.

That certainly seems to have happened with the theme of disability.  First, we saw THE SPECIALS.  Some of you may have caught the series, first online and then on TV.  It follows the lives of five young people with intellectual disabilities who live together in one house.

Then came the A-WORD.  It started this past spring on American TV.  You probably have guessed what the A stands for.  If you have seen it, it’s a drama with a dysfunctional family coming to grips with their son’s diagnosis of autism.

And now along comes SPEECHLESS.  It starts this fall as a sitcom, with a family cast, including parents and three kids, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

So, we’ve got reality TV (many awards for this show, by the way), drama (good audience reaction so far and renewed for 2017) and a brand new comedy starting this fall.  For this of us who live real lives and understand about disabilities, we can now see if TV has a clue.

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