Rock Out!

When it comes to music, I didn’t leave my heart entirely in Greenwich Village or Haight Ashbury. I heard “London Calling” in the 80’s and Bruce Springsteen has carried me well past “The Summer of ‘69”. But when it comes to punk music, that’s another matter. Not so much. Till I discovered Pertti Kurkan Nimipaivat. PKN for short. Check out their website at

These four guys with developmental disabilities are a hot ticket band that represented Finland in this year’s Eurovision contest. (They made it as far as the semifinals!). They’ve had a film made about them. They tour. Their music sells, big time. Maybe not to me but it sells.

They came together in a workshop for adults with disabilities and their aim is to bring awareness to the cause of Down Syndrome and autism. All the band members have Down Syndrome and some are also autistic.

It’s summer time. Open those windows. Crank up the volume. Play a little PKN. Startle your neighbours. If they complain, tell them what a great back story it is!

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