Play Unified

Three cheers for Horton High School.  Where, you might ask, is Horton High School and what has it done that is so special?  Horton is in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and it has partnered with Special Olympics to start a basketball team that includes students with intellectual disabilities.
The program is part of the Special Olympics Play Unified program.  The purpose of the program is to promote social inclusion through sport on the same playing field.  In the case of Horton High, almost half of the 20 students have an intellectual disability but they all warm up, work on skill development and play a game together.  Two other Nova Scotia high schools have now followed Horton’s leads and have started Play Unified teams of their own.
And Nova Scotia isn’t the only province dipping its toe into the Play Unified program.  So is Alberta.  But Canada has a long way to go to catch up to other countries like our neighbours to the south – the States and Mexico, not to mention our long-time allies, France and the U.K.  Come on Ontario, let’s Play Unified.

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