Nowhere to Turn

When I was a young teen learning how to cook, my mom would always warn me to check the shelf life of canned foods.  Frankly.  I thought she was nuts.  Unless the can was bulging, there shouldn’t be a problem.  But I did find out the hard way and I won’t tell you the disgusting story of how that happened because this blog post isn’t about that.

What this blog post is about is another kind of shelf life.  So…after 4 years of anxious waiting, we finally heard from Ontario’s Ombudsman.  The report on the crisis facing some families with sons and daughters with developmental disabilities:  NOWHERE TO TURN.  Yup, good title.  The report came out on August 24th.  So is there somewhere to turn now?

Not according to my telephone and email.  The same frantic calls from moms and dads.  The same pleas for help.  The voices are different this week.  But there’s still nowhere to turn.   And there probably won’t be until the whole system starts to turn from one driven by crisis to one driven by families.

My late grandmother had an expression that is badly translated into English:  from your lips to God’s ears.  Make it so.

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