New Incentive Program

A few weeks ago, some 60 families got together for a Caregivers Retreat.  It was a wonderful shared experience.  One of the key panels for families was made up of local employers who hire individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as a feisty woman with a disability, and a job, and her coach.

And what was one of the key questions that family members asked the employer panelists?  “How do I convince an employer to hire my son or daughter?’  Well, here’s a new Ontario program that may help provide an answer – and good on the financial institutions that are joining forces to support businesses in communities – including Ottawa.

It’s called Rate Drop Rebate and it rewards Ontario business owners for the steps they take to grow their operations and improve cash flow with a cash back interest rebate.  It helps businesses that hire people facing barriers to employment.  And that includes people with disabilities.  This really targets small businesses with attractive financing terms.

So if you think it may help you as a business person – or as someone assisting someone with a disability to find a job – check this out.  This program is on our side.  You can find the specifics at

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