Life Navigation

I lived in British Columbia a long time ago.  Long enough ago that the Georgia Straight was THE newspaper with all the dope– if you know what I mean.  I was naïve, for sure, but I wasn’t too keen on the ethnocentricity of Vancouverites, even then.  Too bad that I had no money to buy real estate or I would be a rich woman today. So we moved back to Ottawa when university and youth came to an end.  

But the more I read now about how British Columbia is developing programs to support young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to navigate their way into adulthood, the more I am impressed.  An actual navigation service!  Fancy that! 

These are real life navigators (it’s slowly working its way through the province) to assist youth and their families to connect with government and community partners.  To help them find services and supports in their community.  To help them identify goals like where to live or to find a job and to help them develop a plan to achieve them.  WOW!

Now that is something that we need in Ontario – and I guarantee we don’t need any dope to figure that one out.

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