Funny thing about words

Funny thing about words.  If you say “developmental disability”, chances are you picture a child.  Or maybe a young adult.  Not that many people picture a senior citizen.  But we should.  That’s because more and more people with developmental disabilities are living well into their senior years.  Times have changed.  And so should our thinking.

The province of British Columbia has already started down that path. In some parts of B.C. seniors with developmental disabilities and their families can work with a navigator service that will help them figure out living arrangements, new ways to keep busy as they age.   It’s one-stop shopping.  And who wouldn't love that?

Right now it’s in a prototype phase and only available in Burnaby.  It pairs two navigators with a secure, web-based electronic system to keep track of planning, activities and achievements in one place.  Of course, it’s voluntary.  But if I were living in Burnaby and having that service available, I sure would be interested.  Ontario, are you taking note?

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