Easy On Easy Off

We've all heard that necessity is the mother of invention.  Thats no dout true. but I'll go one better than that. I've got an example that shows that a mom is really a "mother of invention". Let me tell you the story of American mom Lauren Thierry who was having a devil of a time assisting her 17 year old son Liam getting dressed. Liam has autism and one of his struggles is with motor skills. Lauren had her AHA moment when they were at a baseball game and Liam returned from the washroom with his pants around his ankles. The zippers and buttons were beyond his ken.

Lauren isn't a designer. She's a journalist and a mom. But remeber that "necessity" thing? She found a designer who helped her design a line of clothing that's gener neutral, fashionable, without a designated front or back. And no zippers, buttons or laces. Pluse for the many individuals living with autism who have sensory issues, the clothings uses soft and smooth cotton blends. Ther's even a small pocket for a GPS tracker for those families who use one. Grown-up sizes on the way.

Lauren calls her line Independence Day Clothing (www.independencedayclothing.com/ ) I'd call it Mother Knows Best.

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